Water reservoirs lining

Lining of reservoirs with synthetic geomembranes separates the liquid mass from the soil.

Water reservoirs lining has two main usages:

  • Maintaining clean soil while preventing water seepage into the ground water, thus precluding their contamination. Water reservoirs lining with synthetic Geomembranes enables complete separation between the fluids mass and the soil.
  • In cases where clean water is stored within the reservoir, lining the reservoir with HDPE Geomembranes will prevent the loss of expensive water and protect the stability of the embankments and the nearby structures.

Admir integrates into the reservoirs lining works Geotechnical products complementary to Geomembranes, among them:

  • Geotextiles for preventing mechanical damage to the lining system.
  • Diverse types of drainage mats.

  • Drainage pipeline intended for leachate collection and leakage control.

Admir supplies and installs Geomembranes for reservoirs on an international scale. The reservoirs lining contains, among others, reservoirs of the following types:

  • Treated waste water and irrigation water reservoirs.
  • Industrial sewage reservoirs.

  • Drinking water reservoirs lining using reinforced polypropylene Geomembranes (RPP).

The utilization of HDPE Geomembranes for reservoirs lining has been applied in tens of thousands of projects throughout the world and they retain proven cost-benefit advantages.

More Applications

  • Waste disposal sites lining, capping and restoration

    Preparation and reclamation of a site as a waste disposal site requires the provision of solutions for ecological problems which may arise as a result of garbage burial


  • Secondary Lining for Oil Storage Tanks

    Use of durable and highly flexible HDPE lining membranes permits compliance with the strictest environmental quality standards