Steel culverts pipes

ViaCon’s Galvanised Corrugated Steel Structure Systems are steel culverts and bridge systems, unlike conventional concrete systems. Small and medium-sized steel structures are an alternative cost-effective solution to the concrete structures. These steel products are applied mainly as hydraulic steel culverts, underpasses, overpasses, ecological passes and tunnel elements.

Today, buried corrugated steel structures are widely used in construction around the world. Structures of this type due to the nature of their work, are often referred to flexible structures.
Soil steel interaction allows flexible steel structures to act in conjunction with the surrounding soil fill to support the loads. The structures are economical, easy and quick to build. The average installation time with a small crew is only a few days.
The solutions are supplied with design engineering and installation support.

Advantages of corrugated steel pipes:

  • Simple design due to standard applications database for standard applications.
  • Fast and easy assembly.

  • Assembly possible in temperatures below zero.

  • Assembly possible with no traffic interruptions

  • Assembly possible with total or partial prefabrication of the structures

  • Light weight, the corrugated steel plate can be delivered easily and economically to remote locations.

  • Reduction in the total time and cost of construction

More Applications

  • Guardrails road safety barrier system

    Road Barriers (guardrails) are safety units that are used at the sides of roads. They keep vehicles on the road during traffic accidents. Because of their superior protection, ease of assembly and disassembly, high performance and low cost, they are preferred by most highway directorates.