Cleaning of reservoirs, lakes and rivers

Sedimentation of particles in reservoirs, lakes and rivers reduces their volume and capacity to store water. Due to the turbidity of the water numerous environmental problems can occur such as bad odors, well water pollution, etc.
Admir provides environmental technologies designed especially for the cleaning of reservoirs, lakes and rivers, by pumping and separating the sediments from the water.


Admir provides cleaning the bottom of the reservoirs, lakes and rivers using dredging equipment without draining or interrupting the natural flow of the water.
Modern pumping equipment that includes various types of controllers and sensors allows controlled pumping of the bottom of reservoirs or rivers with full control of the depth and capacity of the pumping

Dredger benefits:

  • Pumping of sludge from the bottom of reservoirs without causing damage to the lining.
  • Pumping and cleaning of reservoirs and rivers without interrupting the ongoing operations.
  • The controller and sensors provide precise control on the capacity, layer height and percent solids being pumped.

  • Pumping of the sediment sludge without stirring or mixing it with water.

Dewatering Sludge of reservoirs and streams

There are several solutions available for handling sludge and sedimentation on the bottom of reservoirs or streams. GEOTUBE® is the preferred solution for the fast and efficient dewatering of sludge and sediments being pumped at a high capacity.

The sludge pumped by the dredger flows through piping into GEOTUBE® which is installed in the spill containment pallet. The solids are trapped within geo-textile containers while the filtrate free of solids (removal of about-99% solids) filtrates out. The filtrate flows back to the source. The solids inside the GEOTUBE® after drying is either covered or removed from the field.

The advantages:

  • Quick pollutant removal capability.
  • Establishment of systems where there is no infrastructure such as electricity.

  • Return of high-quality water to the source (river/reservoir).

  • Cost effective solutions comparing with other technologies

More Applications

  • Sludge dewatering at Municipal WWTP

    Effective solutions for sludge dewatering , from design to implementation, including constructing the facilities in the sewage treatment plants.


  • Sludge dewatering by Geotube

    Geosynthetic containers - Geotube® with the ability for a fast and effective filtering rate, manufactured from a high tensile Polypropylene geo-textile.