Embankment on piles with horizontal reinforcement

The “geosynthetic-reinforced soil on piles” foundation system is virtually settlement-free and thus ideal for rapid embankment construction. The soil reinforcement for the soft ground is provided by a combination of piles, and earthworks reinforced by high strength geogrids (e.g., Fortrac) and geotextiles (e.g., Stabilenka).


  • Settlement free during construction and operation
  • Immediate operation/service possible

  • No preloading or consolidation times required

More Applications

  • Embankment basal reinforcement with high strength geotextiles and geogrids

    Fast construction of high embankments over soft soil requires high strength geotextiles at the base for stability against slip failure


  • Prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) for accelerated consolidation of soft soils

    Consolidation can be accelerated by installing vertical drains to a depth of up to 35 meters, shortening its settlement rate from several years to several months.