Slopes stabilization and erosion control – Tough Cells Neoloy

Erosion due to rainfall run-off damages engineering structures and slopes, creating gullies and erosion, which in certain cases may endanger the overall stability of the engineering structure.
Cellular Confinement System (Tough Cells Neoloy), employing cells of varying size, texture and height, arrests erosion by confining soil in relatively small cells.

Protecting soil surface from gullies and similar damage facilitates growth of plants and protects their roots, and thereby the slope or inclination. Engineering solutions employing Geocells are available in various types of cells – perforated / non-perforated and in various colors – cells that can be filled with soil and granular materials, as well as with concrete.

Tough Cells Neoloy –  Cellular Confinement System properties for preventing erosion include:

  • Resistance to UV radiation, resistance to chemicals present in the soil.
  • High strength and flexibility, facilitating adaptation to the soil surface.

  • Easy and rapid installation.

More Applications

  • Riverbanks and canals protection – Gabions

    Controlling water flow in streams, channels and similar locations is essential for protecting infrastructure and the environment. By using gabions and mattresses in locations such as dams and waterfalls, riverbanks and canals, the soil is stabilized.


  • Rockfall Netting Protection

    Rockfall netting protection systems are a key element in the design and maintenance of infrastructure networks with a direct impact on safety.