Sludge dewatering by Geotube

Geosynthetic containers with the ability for a fast and effective filtering rate, manufactured from a high tensile Polypropylene geo-textile.

Dewatering is accomplished in three (3) stages:

  • Pumping and mixing of the sludge with polymers to induce flocculation.
  • Separating the clean water from the solids (solids removal of over 99%), solids remain trapped inside the containers.

  • Allowing additional time for drying and consolidation reduces the volume of the solids.

Dewatering by GEOTUBE is especially effective in the following wastewater applications:

  • Dewatering sedimentation ponds.
  • Implementation of projects which require a large amount of sludge to be dewatered fast. The GEOTUBE® system is capable of dewatering large amounts of sludge being pumped at a high flow rate.

  • Geotube allows quick dewatering of the reservoirs, organic digesters, etc.

  • Emergency backup solution for other dewatering equipment

More Applications

  • Sludge dewatering at Municipal WWTP

    Effective solutions for sludge dewatering , from design to implementation, including constructing the facilities in the sewage treatment plants.


  • Cleaning of reservoirs, lakes and rivers

    Environmental technologies designed especially for the cleaning of reservoirs, lakes and rivers, by pumping and separating the sediments from the water.