Secondary Lining for Oil Storage Tanks

Storage of petroleum products and hazardous materials requires ensuring complete environmental protection, even in extreme situations such as earthquakes, fires, etc.
To prevent soil and groundwater contamination, secondary containment is required for fuel and hazmat storage facilities.
Use of durable and highly flexible HDPE lining membranes permits compliance with the strictest environmental quality standards – lining concrete structures and berms permits non-destructive testing of all connections and seams, ensuring sealing over time.

Advantages of using HDPE membranes:

  • Very high resistance to chemicals
  • Permits connection to concrete and piping

  • Cost effective

More Applications

  • Water reservoirs lining

    Lining of reservoirs with synthetic geomembranes separates the liquid mass from the soil.


  • Waste disposal sites lining, capping and restoration

    Preparation and reclamation of a site as a waste disposal site requires the provision of solutions for ecological problems which may arise as a result of garbage burial