Riverbanks and canals protection – Gabions

Controlling water flow in streams, channels and similar locations is essential for protecting infrastructure and the environment.

By using gabions and mattresses in locations such as dams and waterfalls, riverbanks and canals, the soil is stabilized.

Gabions and mattresses have been used throughout the world for over a century – rock fill gives this solution a natural look. Considerable know-how enables detailed design of structures taking into account the static and hydraulic loads.

Advantages of using gabions and mattresses:

  • Stabilization of slopes, river banks and shores, and protection against erosion
  • Fitting into the landscape and integrating vegetation, natural stones and water

  • Simple implementation

More Applications

  • Slopes stabilization and erosion control – Tough Cells Neoloy

    Geocell Cellular Confinement System (Geocells), employing cells of varying size, texture and height, arrests erosion by confining soil in relatively small cells.


  • Rockfall Netting Protection

    Rockfall netting protection systems are a key element in the design and maintenance of infrastructure networks with a direct impact on safety.