Sludge dewatering at Municipal WWTP

In recent years, many local municipal authorities in Israel have been constructing sewage treatment plants in compliance with Ministry of the Environment guidelines. A byproduct of sewage treatment in these plants is formation of relatively low-solids sludge, which requires drying or dewatering for continued treatment (processing for fertilization and agricultural use or removal to landfill sites if required).

Admir Environment offers effective solutions for dewatering sludge, from design to implementation, including constructing the facilities in the sewage treatment plants.
Sludge dewatering using geotubes (Geotube)
Geotextile containers are made of woven polypropylene fabric with rapid and efficient filtering properties, high durability and proven economic advantage.

Dewatering with geotubes is especially effective in sewage treatment plants in the following applications:

  • Dewatering sludge in settling ponds as well as digested sludge with a high mineral content.

  • Implementing projects that require dewatering large quantities of sludge within a short time.

  • Solution for emergencies as well as backup for other dewatering systems.

  • Effective use of geotubes in small sewage treatment plants, for which the cost of electronic dewatering is excessive

Dewatering is carried out in several stages:

  • Sludge is pumped out by a marine dredge pump.

  • Polymers are injected to induce flocculation.

  • Clean water is separated from the solids (more than 99% of the solids can be removed) – the solids remain trapped in the geotube, while the clear water is filtered through the geotube walls.

  • Solids are detained in the geotube for an additional time for dewatering, by utilizing the self-weight of the sludge in a consolidation process, thus further reducing the volume of the sludge slated for removal.

More Applications

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    Geosynthetic containers - Geotube® with the ability for a fast and effective filtering rate, manufactured from a high tensile Polypropylene geo-textile.


  • Cleaning of reservoirs, lakes and rivers

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